One Word: Ourself

My recent article on the “singular they” prompted an insightful question from reader Mahin Pouryaghma. Just to provide context: Dr. Pouryaghma is a licensed professional counselor whose practice emphasizes self-honesty. You can read her background here on the Psychology Today … Continue reading

One Word: Brevity

“Brevity” is one of those words that exemplifies itself. Seven letters long, it’s the noun form of “brief”, which means short. “Brief” and “short” also are words constituting examples of themselves. Words that rhyme with brevity include “levity” and “longevity”. … Continue reading

One Word: Solitude

Some words I love because of the way they sound. The way they feel when I write them. Their playful ambiguities. Their spelling quirks. Others I love mostly on account of what they mean to me. “Solitude” is a word … Continue reading

One Word: The Singular They

Glad tidings! English now has a third-person pronoun that is both singular and gender-neutral. Best of all, it’s grammatically correct, according to all the best authorities we need to heed. It’s a pronoun we’ve always had – and used. For … Continue reading

Fabiola Gianotti’s Baffling Anagrams

CERN, the world’s top particle physics facility, has a new director-general, the fabulous Fabiola Gianotti. She took the reins this month, having been democratically chosen by colleagues. The soft-spoken, hard-driving, serenely brilliant Italian scientist will need every atom of her … Continue reading