One Word: Epistemology

Here’s a word I almost never use: “epistemology”. And yet – I love it. That odd-sounding word represents one of the defining themes of my life. A theme that runs through all my books and writings. A theme that engages … Continue reading

What’s More Practical Than Being Happy?

Nothing! This principle — the practicality of happiness — was first impressed upon me some years ago during a meeting of the Knoxville Baha’i assembly. We had decided to send a gift as a token of appreciation to a wonderful … Continue reading

All the Candidates’ Anagrams

It’s that joyful season when anagram freaks (like me) dig deep to see what things we can spell by reshuffling letters in the names of leading candidates for President of the US of A. Break out your Scrabble blocks, and … Continue reading

One Word: Turmeric

The word “turmeric” fascinates me. So, for that matter, does the actual spice — as distinct from the word. Here’s the scoop: Turmeric powder ranges in color from bright yellow to deep orange. It has a pungent, gingery-peppery flavor and … Continue reading