One Word: The Preposition You End Your Sentence With

There’s this idea that it’s wrong to end a sentence with a preposition. It won’t die. But it’s mistaken – the idea, I mean, not the preposition. A preposition is a perfectly good thing to end a sentence with. The … Continue reading

Can Two Positive Words Ever Be Negative?

How can two positive words produce a negative meaning? Or perhaps more accurately: Is this even possible? Alert reader Mahih Pouryaghma asks about this, prompted by my recent article on “I could/couldn’t care less.” People used to say (and some … Continue reading

Vintage Words Back in Vogue

Vintage words are making a comeback. (Thanks to Richard Green for spotting an eye-opening article about this.) Words like “peruse”, “smitten”, “bespoke”, and “dapper” are rising sharply in popularity since year 2000 – the turn of the 21st century. The … Continue reading

One Word: Could/Couldn’t

I couldn’t care less about the word “could”. Also, I could care less about “couldn’t”. Except when we use “could” and “couldn’t” – words that profess to be exact opposites – to mean exactly the same thing. How is that … Continue reading

Irfanview: A Top-Tier Photo Editor

Irfanview is a small, lightning-fast, super-powered photo editor for Microsoft Windows. If you ever touch digital images, you need it. I promised recently to write about my favorite writing tools. Irfanview is one of them. This may seem strange. How … Continue reading

One Word: Pert Near

A recent article of mine uses the compound word “pert near”. What’s the deal there? It was my article on whistling (I can’t whistle) in which I asked whether there’s “anything you can’t do … even though pert near everyone … Continue reading