Six Words: Rainbow!

How many colors in a rainbow? Six! What? Doesn’t “everybody know” there are seven? No, but seven is what most of us were taught: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. That’s how I learned them in school. We … Continue reading

Two Words: Were / Where

Has anyone else noticed a recent uptick in the frequency with which people misspell “where” as “were”? That is, leaving out the “h”? Resulting in written sentences like “I wonder were I left my car keys?” I’ve seen this a … Continue reading

Contribute a Verse (Thanks, Dev!)

Contribute a verse! That’s the message from my friend and fellow blogger, Dev Samaddar. So I’ll try. (Read on!) But first, some background: Dev’s irked by the hype he’s hearing lately about “being unique” and “developing your own style”. He … Continue reading