Two Words: Foreword / Afterword

A foreword is a brief introduction to a book or other piece of literature. (Not to be confused with “forward” motion.) There’s no sharp dividing line between a “foreword”, a “preface”, and an “introduction”. You’ll find books (including some of … Continue reading

Two Words: Forbear / Forebear

We just discussed “forgo” and “forego”. The situation is similar with “forbear” and “forebear”. To forbear is to manifest great patience under extreme difficulty or suffering. “Forbear” is a verb. Its noun form is “forbearance”. A forebear is an ancestor. … Continue reading

Two Words: Inept / Adept

Is “adept” the opposite of “inept”? Yes – and no. Both in sound and meaning, these words are near-perfect opposites. Their respective origins and histories, however, indicate they have nothing to do with one another. First, some history of my … Continue reading

Two Words: Dependent / Dependant

Is it dependent or dependant? Perhaps either one? And what does this have to do with smoking hippopotamuses? First, the grammar gremlin: To be dependent (with an “e”) is to rely on, or be supported by, something or someone. Maybe … Continue reading