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Notes from Stonehaven is a personal newsletter sharing updates from me and my wife, Cheri, as well as Stonehaven Press. It covers a wide variety of topics — some humorous, some serious. Some practical; others, just plain fun.

A previous version was programmed to send out updates automatically, anytime I posted a blog article. The new Notes from Stonehaven will go out only when I get around to it. It won’t necessarily be identical with what’s on any of my websites. Sometimes I use it to share items that never appear on the web. At other times, I send excerpts from several postings, along with links to the full text and pictures.

What I do hope is that you’ll stick with me. There will be a “subscribe” link on each of my websites, for anyone who wants to be on this list. And there always will be an “unsubscribe” link at the bottom for anyone who wants to stop receiving these notes. And guess what? You won’t hurt my feelings if you opt out. Most of us get way more email than we need, and it can be a huge burden. I’ll do my best to make these worth your while, but I recognize I can’t serve everyone’s needs equally.

Except for the graphic heading (shown above), Notes from Stonehaven will have the look-and-feel of a personal letter — because that’s exactly what it is! One evidence is that whenever you “reply” to a mailing, your reply will go directly to my personal in-box. You won’t get a robot or auto-responder. You’ll get me. Every issue contains my personal contact information. Please use it, because I want to hear from you — and I will reply in person.

These notes, by the way, are distributed via a wonderful web service called MailChimp. The subscribing and unsubscribing are handled automatically by MailChimp’s computers. You can come and go without my knowledge. That said, you can call or drop me a note, and I’ll subscribe or unsubscribe you myself, or answer any questions.

Just in case it doesn’t go without saying, I’ll say it: We will never sell, share, or spam your address.

So please sign up, and enjoy the ride!

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