Irfanview: A Top-Tier Photo Editor

Irfanview is a small, lightning-fast, super-powered photo editor for Microsoft Windows. If you ever touch digital images, you need it. I promised recently to write about my favorite writing tools. Irfanview is one of them. This may seem strange. How … Continue reading

One Word: Disinterested

Disinterested is a word I find most interesting. Not ᴏɴʟʏ because it’s so often misused. (Although it is — like “comprise” and so many more.) No, “disinterested” fascinates me because it expresses a subtle, absolutely indispensable concept about which we … Continue reading

One Word: Worth a Thousand Pictures

Does anyone else feel oppressed by the “tyranny of pictures”? I do, and I’m fighting back with a new series of posts about words I love. Words that interest, fascinate, and delight me; words that (for me) carry depths of … Continue reading