One Word: This Here

Always-inquisitive reader Mahin Pouryaghma asks about the compound construction “this here”. It’s one she sometimes encounters in her home stomping ground of rural Georgia. Thanks, Mahin, for affording me a chance to reflect on this and similar expressions. I’m treating … Continue reading

One Word: Disinterested

Disinterested is a word I find most interesting. Not ᴏɴʟʏ because it’s so often misused. (Although it is — like “comprise” and so many more.) No, “disinterested” fascinates me because it expresses a subtle, absolutely indispensable concept about which we … Continue reading

One Word: Worth a Thousand Pictures

Does anyone else feel oppressed by the “tyranny of pictures”? I do, and I’m fighting back with a new series of posts about words I love. Words that interest, fascinate, and delight me; words that (for me) carry depths of … Continue reading

The So-Called “Islamic State” Is Not “Islam”

It’s bad enough to speak of Muslims as if they all were terrorists. But isn’t it even worse to call terrorists and terrorist organizations “Islam”? Even if they call themselves Islamic. Especially then! Inflammatory references of just this kind are creeping into popular speech. They … Continue reading