One Word: The Elephant in the Room

Want to write and speak with lasting impact? Want to convey thoughts that touch, that move, that heal? Don’t worry too much about the right words. Focus first on finding the right topic. (The words come later.) There’s one right … Continue reading

One More Word: To Casually Split Your Infinitive With

I like to occasionally split an infinitive. Not always – just now and then. Neither too often, nor too seldom. There’s a fine line. Quick review: An infinitive is the basic form of a verb, usually preceded by “to”. If … Continue reading

One Word: Could/Couldn’t

I couldn’t care less about the word “could”. Also, I could care less about “couldn’t”. Except when we use “could” and “couldn’t” – words that profess to be exact opposites – to mean exactly the same thing. How is that … Continue reading

One Word: Pert Near

A recent article of mine uses the compound word “pert near”. What’s the deal there? It was my article on whistling (I can’t whistle) in which I asked whether there’s “anything you can’t do … even though pert near everyone … Continue reading

One Word: Connote

Every word denotes something, and connotes something more. Its “denotation” is what it denotes – that is, what it means in its most straightforward, minimal dictionary definition. Its “connotation” is what it connotes. That’s where things get interesting. The connotation … Continue reading

One Word: Pangram

You all know I love anagrams – those wonderful phrases created by rearranging the letters of one thing to spell something else. Like when I scramble the letters of “Gary Leland Matthews” to spell “sadly elegant warmth” (and lots of … Continue reading