One Word: Blog

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Am I the only person annoyed by the word “blog”?

It reminds me of blob, glob, bog, grog, flog, and other words none of which do much for me either. Simply stated, blog is a word I experience as grating and vaguely unpleasant.


That of course is only in terms of the way it sounds. Let’s be clear: I’m a blogger. I love blogging. I love to read blogs. I love the technology that makes blogging a publishing platform anyone can use to publish anything for anyone to read.

I just wish they’d find a prettier word for it. One where the pleasant sound matches the upbeat meaning.

Blog is of course a contraction of “web-log”. Blogging started as a way of publishing one’s daily diary, journal, and random jottings on the web. Logging them, so to speak.

It has evolved into so much more. Blogging software has become amazingly sophisticated. As a word, blog does have the virtue of being short and punchy. If only we had a prettier word to express that upbeat meaning.

#worth1000pictures #blog

P.S.: I never said this series about “words worth a thousand pictures” would be only about words I like. It’s about words that interest me. Blog certainly qualifies on that score.

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