The Toughest Choice You’ll Ever Face

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Sooner or later, your journey will force you to decide:

“Am I completely crazy – or is everybody else?”

toughest choice

When that day comes – and believe me, it will – you will face a choice. You can postpone it. Maybe for a long time.

But not forever.

Either you’re right, and everyone else, inexplicably, is wrong. Or else they’re right, and you’re wrong.

What’s it to be? Do you really imagine that you – little ol’ you – can outthink and out-perceive the collective wisdom of your whole tribe? Possibly even the whole human race?

When that day arrives, you will know that the stakes are high. But they will be even higher than you know. And it’s the toughest call you ever will make.

To choose rightly, you’ll need to rise above denial. You’ll have to set aside your ego, summon deep reserves of humility and self-awareness, and embrace the terrifying reality you don’t want to accept, but that you know – deep in your bones – has to be true:

It’s them, not you.

They are crazy, not you. They – all of them – are wrong, and you are right. You’re the only sane cuckoo in the nest, baby.

This situation happens. It happens in real life. It happens a lot more often than we think. And it happens to you.

Mobs aren’t always wrong – but often they are. Crowds are sometimes right – but often they’re wrong. When you’re part of the mob or the crowd, your brain is hardwired to go along, to submit, to fit in.

But the day is coming when your fate, and, just possibly, the fate of humanity, will depend on your willingness to say “Forget them all! I see what I see, and I know I’m right.”

Pending that crisis, doesn’t it make sense to get some practice under your belt?

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