More Fancy Fonts and Special Characters

Brighten your social-media posts with fancy fonts and special characters! Like this: ℱᗩﬡᙅᎩ ℱOﬡ☂ᔕ and ϟ℘ℯ¢ḯαł ℭнαґα¢☂εґṧ. As ever-more publishing migrates to social platforms like Facebook and Google Plus, the apparent lack of formatting options becomes confining indeed. On Facebook we have … Continue reading

Google Comments Unleashed

What’s the most important new resource for bloggers and web designers, now that link images appear full-width on Google Plus? Most articles focus on increased website traffic, since these highly visible images click through to their target links. That’s indeed … Continue reading

Google Plus displaying full-width link images

The Google Plus social network apparently has just begun displaying link images as full-width photographs — not simply as thumbnails. [UPDATE: From Saturday, March 15 through Monday, March 17 — the Ides of March through Saint Patrick’s Day — Google … Continue reading

Facebook’s Digital Unclaimed Freight Train

What will happen, 30 years from now, to the 300 million photos we uploaded yesterday to Facebook? Image Source Here’s your answer: Facebook will have them. We (probably) won’t. Facebook will have them labeled, categorized, ranked, and documented as to … Continue reading

Track Your Posts with Funky Hashtags

By incorporating unique hashtags into your social-media posts, you can track them in remarkably useful and powerful ways. With one click, you can (a) link to a given post, (b) summon up all shares and reshares of that post, and … Continue reading