Dodging the Chocolate Bullet!

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Sometimes it just isn’t safe to go grocery shopping. I mean, not for me.

Because some of the folks who set up store displays of tantalizing food really know what they’re doing! Artists they are, truly. Especially around holidays!

For us chocolate addicts, that means we’re putting ourselves at risk, every time we step into a Kroger or Trader Joe’s. I could use a bodyguard on such outings.

Thank God I have a bodyguard in the guise of my dear wife, Cheri, who usually helps me resist losing control and buying treats I’ll regret later. But sometimes I have to shop alone. Then it’s dodging the chocolate bullet. Can’t promise I haven’t taken a few hits.

Thank God, too, that my home is the best restaurant in Knoxville! Cheri and I love to cook for ourselves and for each other. The food we make is not only healthy, but insanely delicious and satisfying. (A salad picture below, among the decadent goodies — and a kitchen-gadget photo to remind me to cook more at home.) Helps avoid death by chocolate. But man! those store displays still look good enough to eat.

The chocolate displays shown above are from the bakery at Kroger. But as noted, another favorite grocery destination of mine and Cheri’s is Trader Joe’s, which also has gorgeous displays — some of which I’ll be photographing in the near future. Here’s a favorite panorama shot of mine, taken recently at Trader Joe’s which has some of the best chocolate. (Click to enlarge.)

Trader Joe's

Trader Joe’s, Knoxville, Tennessee — 360-degree panorama

And finally, here’s a panorama shot of Kroger in the Bearden section of West Knoxville. This is the same store at which I took the chocolate-cupcake photos above.


Kroger, Bearden area, West Knoxville – 360-degree panorama

By the way — Cheri is in both the Trader Joe photo and the Kroger photo. Can you find her? 😉

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