Why We Must Welcome Syrian Refugees

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Just wrote my congressman and Tennessee’s two senators about the current hysteria surrounding the acceptance and placement of Syrian refugees fleeing ISIL. (See full text below.)

Short version: It’s our moral duty to give sanctuary to these innocent victims of terrorism. By turning our backs, we’d be doing the terrorists’ work for them and handing them their best possible tool for recruitment.

Welcoming Syrian Refugees

If you agree, please go online and sign a petition accordingly. There are dozens, if not hundreds. Here’s a link from which you can choose one: http://bit.ly/1Sj0SsY.

Feel free to use or adapt my text. If you prefer, compose your own.

Here’s what I wrote:

“Please support the acceptance of refugees into America. These people are fleeing the same terrorists that have attacked France, Russia, the US, and other countries.

“Is it conceivable that a terrorist, despite our robust vetting, might slip in along with the refugees? Sure, it’s conceivable — but highly unlikely. Terrorists have far, far more efficient ways of getting into the country. What’s certain is that by turning away their victims, we drive those victims into the arms of their persecutors, whom they must then join in order to survive. Such cruel indifference on our part becomes our enemies’ most powerful possible recruiting tool!

“Too many elected officials are displaying a let-’em-all-die, paint-’em-all-with-the-same-brush mentality. America is better than this. If we can’t find the courage to act on our ‘betterness’, then the terrorists win. Please reach for your better angels and reject any attempts to delay the acceptance of refugees into the U.S.”

(signed) Gary Matthews


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