Are Russian Hackers Interfering With Gary’s Anagrams?

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For some time, I’ve suspected foreign agents of covertly tampering with my anagrams.

Why? Maybe so you’ll vote for competing anagrams by my Twitter buddy Christopher Davis (@TweakYourPC). Maybe just to stir up vandalism. Who cares?

Point is, our CIA is now “confident” that the letters in

“This anagram was HACKED by Vladimir Putin”

rearrange to spell

“Bumpkinish charisma agitated wry vandal.”

Hacked by Putin

The President has ordered an investigation. Alarmists say the reshuffling of these letters constitutes anagrammatic cyber-warfare. But the incoming administration says, “The anagram is over — move on!”

In related news, the letters in

“I Demand a RECOUNT of This Anagram”

still rearrange to spell

“A hot, infamous, maddening rat-race!”

Demand a Recount

The incoming administration says the anagram is over, and it’s time to move on. (Haven’t we already heard that recently?)

(Please note that both the above images are video anagrams. Give them a moment and you should see the letters actually reshuffling. This probably also works if you’re viewing this post via email, since most email clients support GIF animations. But if it doesn’t, just click the image to activate the movement.)

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