Valentine Anagrams — 2017 Edition!

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Happy Valentine’s Day 2017!

To all our long-time readers, and to a host of new subscribers: We love you all!


Today you’ll see plenty of heart-themed features in the mainstream media. They’ll tell you the history of Valentine’s Day. They’ll tell you funny jokes and sentimental love stories.

What they won’t tell you (but I will) is that the letters in

“Happy Valentine’s Day”

rearrange to spell

“Deeply vain phantasy”;
“Lady-naivete happens”; and
“Happy, deviantly sane”.

Make of these anagrams what you will. While you’re doing that, we wish for you that your phantasies be never vain, and your lady (or gent) never naive.

Most of all, we wish for you a love both happy and sane. In today’s world, who could possibly phantasize anything more deviant?


Valentine Anagrams — 2017 Edition! — 2 Comments

  1. What a funny Valentine’s wish… Really cute! Cheers my great friend. PS I pressed the “Notify me of new comments” option.

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