Very Stable Anagrams

Break out your old box of Scrabble blocks. Pick out the exact letter-tiles you’ll need to spell: ✦ “a very stable genius” Just don’t arrange them that way. Instead, lay them down in the following sequence: ✦ “. . . but – … Continue reading

Alternative Facts? No — Alternative Anagrams!

It’s official: “Alternative facts” tops the list of “notable quotes” from 2017. That’s according to Fred Shapiro, associate director of the Yale Law School Library. He publishes this annual list, which also includes a bunch of runner-up doozies. Shortly after … Continue reading

Valentine Anagrams — 2017 Edition!

Happy Valentine’s Day 2017! To all our long-time readers, and to a host of new subscribers: We love you all! Today you’ll see plenty of heart-themed features in the mainstream media. They’ll tell you the history of Valentine’s Day. They’ll … Continue reading

Our 30th Ana(versary)gram!

I can’t let 2016 escape without noting that this was the year Cheri and I celebrated our 30th anniversary. Three adventure-filled decades ago, we committed ourselves to making our union “as a fortress for well-being and salvation”. That’s how Baha’u’llah … Continue reading

One Word: Antigram

An antigram is an expression formed by rearranging the letters of another expression to mean its opposite. For example, “fluster” rearranges to spell “restful”. Other classic examples: “listen” = “silent”; “antagonist” = “not against”; “earliest” = “arise late”. The word … Continue reading

Two Words: Dependent / Dependant

Is it dependent or dependant? Perhaps either one? And what does this have to do with smoking hippopotamuses? First, the grammar gremlin: To be dependent (with an “e”) is to rely on, or be supported by, something or someone. Maybe … Continue reading

Contribute a Verse (Thanks, Dev!)

Contribute a verse! That’s the message from my friend and fellow blogger, Dev Samaddar. So I’ll try. (Read on!) But first, some background: Dev’s irked by the hype he’s hearing lately about “being unique” and “developing your own style”. He … Continue reading