Hoth’s Deadly Crystal Lattice Creature

If you’re a fan of Star Wars V (The Empire Strikes Back), you’ll remember two featured creatures: the tauntaun, a snow lizard ridden by Luke Skywalker; and the wampa, a white-furred predator of amazing stealth and power. Both are denizens of … Continue reading

Introducing Fractal Fran

Say hello to Fractal Fran, my new digital art assistant and avatar. She’ll be your guide to spellbinding digital designs and fractal art (plus, perhaps, occasional photography of a more traditional nature). Large, soulful eyes. Neon turban. Green whiskers. Small, pursed … Continue reading

The Gary Matthews Fractals

Digital art. I’ve long been a sucker for it. Lately I’ve been trying my hand at fractals, a particularly fascinating type of digital art. For me it started simply as puttering. Before I knew it, my hard drive was bursting with images. Some … Continue reading