Introducing Fractal Fran

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Say hello to Fractal Fran, my new digital art assistant and avatar.

Fractal Fran

Fractal Fran

She’ll be your guide to spellbinding digital designs and fractal art (plus, perhaps, occasional photography of a more traditional nature).

Large, soulful eyes. Neon turban. Green whiskers. Small, pursed lips. These and other traits mark Fran as an emissary from the Vardax home-world.

Vardax is a rogue planet — meaning that aeons ago, it escaped from the binary star system where it was born. In deepest dark, it now wanders the void between stars and galaxies.

Like other members of her race, Fran is a self-aware fractal flame. She is a thinking abstraction, a mathematical progression endowed with natural intelligence, volition, and the capacity for independent action.

Her first ancestor and progenitor was a mere potentiality implied by equations similar to our Apophysis algorithm. Infinite iterations, refined by ruthless natural selection, gave her her current high-tech sophistication.

Star Gate

Star Gate

But how did she get here — in Earth’s cyber-sphere? Simple! A while back, I shared a fractal drawing called Star Gate on Google Plus and on this blog. What I didn’t know was that Vardax, at that time, was passing the other terminus of the interstellar wormhole I inadvertently had opened.

Fran and her fellow Vardaxians simply created a parallel, mirror-image clone of the original tunnel, so that our worlds are now linked — and here she is!

Binary star gate -- parallel wormholes -- the interstellar freeway joining Earth with the rogue planet Vardax.

Binary star gate — parallel wormholes — the interstellar freeway joining Earth with the rogue planet Vardax.

“I would invite you to visit us in return,” says Fran. “Sadly, organic beings like yourselves would be ripped apart in transit by tidal forces.” As a strictly mathematical entity, she herself is immune.

Why is she visiting? Fran says it’s because she shares with many earthlings a passion for digital art. Plus, she’s interested simply in learning about our star-bound world:

“You’ve got beautiful trees, flowers, sunsets — we don’t have any of those on Vardax! Then there’s these funny cat GIFs all over the place; what’s the deal there?”

So let’s all make Fran welcome! Start by circling her on Google Plus. Then share your own best digital creations with her using the #FractalFran hashtag. She’ll reshare her favorites (or at least as many as she can).

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