See Me on tsū!

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See Me on Tsu!
Let’s connect on the network that pays us for what we post.
Seriously, Tsu — pronounced “Sue”, as in    — is a new social platform. It’s barely a week old. It’s hot.
Need an invite? Use mine: you sign up, Tsu will ask you to “enter a member’s shortcode”. Just type “GaryMatthews” in the blank. (Without the quotes, of course.) Fill in the usual username / password data — and start posting.tsu_yacht

From what I’ve seen, the Google Plus community is exceptionally well represented. So is the Facebook community. Everyone from#rockstars  to us regulars — and more by the minute. You’ll find no shortage of friends.

Keep in mind that (for now) no one is abandoning Google Plus or Facebook!There’s a win-win synchronicity thing going on: I already see plenty of ways these networks can reinforce each other.

Did I mention Tsu pays us for what we post? We’ll all start small. I have no idea whether those nickels and dimes ever will add up to big bucks.

That would be nice, but in a way I don’t care. Tsu is setting an important precedent: It’s establishing the principle that you own your creative content. That means, among other things, that you’re entitled to be paid for it.

That’s a point systematically ignored by Facebook and other networks, including (cough! cough!) Google Plus. Tsu bills itself as a #userowned  network, with at least 90 percent of its revenues being divided among its members.

The breakdown will depend on reach, audience size, engagement, and other factors. It thus makes sense to start early! Who knows? Let’s all give it a shot and see what unfolds.

DISCLAIMER: When you join using my member code, I may benefit financially. (Remember, that code is “GaryMatthews”, with no spaces. ≧◔◡◔≦) Likewise,you’ll benefit when people you invite join using yourshortcode.

Will Tsu take off like a rocket? If it does, then this parent-child-grandchild “Family Tree” will become very important, somewhere down the road. You may well be glad you were an early adopter. If it doesn’t — where’s the harm?

#tsu   #tsunami   #tsunation*

CREDITS: Thanks to +Mark Traphagen for this delicious meme image. Mark Traphagen posted it on Tsu, based on my comment on +Neil Ferree‘s Tsu cover picture.

Please note, Mark is extremely skeptical about the Tsu economic model — he knows way too much about black-hat spam networks to discount their danger. Please read his insightful analysis here:

Not everyone is as skeptical as Mark. +Max Huijgen has a different view here, arguing that Tsu isnot a “pyramid scheme” or MLM, as many are saying:

Both posts have elicited lively — and sometimes contentious — comment threads. Read them and add your own!


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