More Fancy Fonts and Special Characters

Brighten your social-media posts with fancy fonts and special characters! Like this: ℱᗩﬡᙅᎩ ℱOﬡ☂ᔕ and ϟ℘ℯ¢ḯαł ℭнαґα¢☂εґṧ. As ever-more publishing migrates to social platforms like Facebook and Google Plus, the apparent lack of formatting options becomes confining indeed. On Facebook we have … Continue reading

Facebook’s Digital Unclaimed Freight Train

What will happen, 30 years from now, to the 300 million photos we uploaded yesterday to Facebook? Image Source Here’s your answer: Facebook will have them. We (probably) won’t. Facebook will have them labeled, categorized, ranked, and documented as to … Continue reading

Make Your Own Animated GIFs

Animated GIF files are the rage these days. You know, those digital photos that contain moving objects and people, not unlike the hung pictures at Hogwarts in the Harry Potter books. Here’s an example: My niece, Bella Tanguay, making her … Continue reading