Very Stable Anagrams

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Break out your old box of Scrabble blocks.

Pick out the exact letter-tiles you’ll need to spell:

“a very stable genius”

Just don’t arrange them that way. Instead, lay them down in the following sequence:

“. . . but – senile savagery!”

Yes! You can do this. Because that is what the letters in “a very stable genius” also spell. One of the things, anyway. (We’re ignoring punctuation, since Scrabble lacks that.)

It gets even better. Sweep up those same tiles, then spread them out again, like this:

“vague yet brainless”

We’re not done. Reshuffling the very same letters from “a very stable genius”, you’ll also get:

“angry, elusive beast”;
“steely, raving abuse”; and
“sly, negative abuser”.

The moral: Even though there are no alternative facts, there sometimes are alternative anagrams. Even very stable ones!

Stable Genius


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