Let’s Resolve to Aim High!

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One of our recent subscribers to Notes from Stonehaven is a reader named Maroussia Roy.

Since she likes anagrams, I puttered around to see what gems I might unearth from her name. Turns out the letters in “Maroussia Roy” rearrange to spell:

“Your aim soars.”

Perfect! How fitting might it be if each of us took that as our motto for 2017?

Let’s do that. Let’s shoot for the moon. Let’s take our best longshot. Let’s do something “they” say can’t be done.

Resolve always to make your aims soar. Then, fire at will.

Thanks, Maroussia, for the timely reminder.


Let’s Resolve to Aim High! — 6 Comments

  1. My soaring aim will be to take my full name, maybe first with my maiden name, then with my current legal name, then with my currently preferred name. and though I’m new at anagrams I’ll hope to create something inspiring, or at least positive.
    Got plenty of ways to soar high in the current patterns of my life.
    Thanks so much for sharing.

    • You’ve long been a source for inspiring and positive creations, Loree. Please share your anagrams here as they come to light. Given your talent for Scrabble and crosswords, I’ve no doubt you’ll create many from the various permutations of your name.

      Speaking of name permutations — women have so many! Guys are like that Jim Croce song, “I Got a Name”. We each have A name, and whatever it is, it is, and we know it, and that’s that. (Unless we decide to change it.) For anagram purposes (and many other more mundane purposes), women have a full maiden name, and maybe a married name. They have current and former legal names. There’s the name on their birth certificate, and the ones on passports and driver’s licenses and social security cards. On marriage, some women keep their middle name and drop the maiden one; others replace the middle name with the maiden one; some keep both and have four names. (Like my wife, Cheri Victoria Wallace Matthews.) I’ve known twice-married women who moved their earlier married surname to the middle and kept using it, and at least one who replaced her first name with what had been her last name from a former marriage. (But she did this only in professional and society-column contexts.)

      Before I realized the thicket of possibilities, I’d sometimes ask women “What is your full real name?” Only to discover that they weren’t sure! “It depends,” they’d tell me. I was like, “What? You don’t know your own name?” ≧◔◡◔≦ That wasn’t fair, and I said it only because I hadn’t yet considered how complex it can get. If I hadn’t been into anagramming people’s names, I probably still wouldn’t realize all the angles.

      One can of course argue (as with most feminist issues) that it’s all men’s fault: We guys go our merry way with our set-in-concrete legal names, all the while jumping women through hoops over theirs. Or we could retort, with typical male disdain, that y’all bring it all on yourselves. Be that as it may, I don’t blame women who opt out by sticking with their original names. No muss, no fuss! (But I still felt pleased when Cheri decided to replace her surname from her former marriage with mine.)

  2. Thanks, dear Gary, for my anagram name …
    Indeed …
    You’re so clever & so humoristic too …
    Lovely evening to you & Chéri …
    It’s an honor knowing you two …
    And the best for the Last day of this so moving & so Space year …🌠for you two …🌟🌟
    Maroussia … ♥

  3. Gary,

    I love this positive vision. I have always believed that if one is able to conceive an idea or dream, one is able to achieve that dream. So my intention is to dream big this year.

    Wishing all dreamers a joyous and Happy New Year.

    Warmest regards,

    • As your soaring aims and big dreams become reality, Gwen, please come back and share them here. We’re all cheering for one another. Have the best New Year yet!

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